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Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc.


Assist with establishing and implementing goals, policies, procedures, schedules, priorities and development of departmental budget.  Work with CEO and CFO to ensure that the facilities maintenance contracts, records and leases are kept current an accurate. Assist in purchasing items for the Centers’ capital improvement initiatives (e.g., furniture, equipment, etc.) and tracks expenses.  Serve as liaison between the facility contractors, and the Center for customer satisfaction and resolution of problems. Facilities Project Manager coordinates the development, implementation and monitoring of the environmental safety management activities and special projects initiatives.  Provide a safe, functional, supportive and effective environment for patients, staff, and other individual in the organization.  Identify safety risks associated with providing services for patients, the performance of daily activities by staff and the physical environment in which services occurs. 


  • Ensures that the medical office buildings are maintained in a safe, clean, presentable manner.
  • Documents service and maintain records on all areas where work has been performed; supervises contractors who perform work in Center's.
  •  Distributes customer evaluations to Operations/Office Managers for all sites annually, produces reports to administration base on responses.
  •  Keeps CFO informed of pending contract renewals (janitorial, security, H/AC maintenance, etc).
  • Coordinates and schedules moves for departments and offices; supervises moves. Provides update information for building directories following
  • relocations and vacancies.
  • Coordinates purchasing functions as needed for Facilities Department with the Purchasing Department.  Obtain prior approval through the purchase 
  • requisitions systems.
  • Maintains an inventory of furniture that is available for use at the facility.  Maintains orderly and systemized files. 
  • Tracks expenses, provides weekly reports to CFO. Implement process to track projects by deadlines.
  • Receive progress reports from contractors to maintain tracking of projects. Maintain and update move schedule for Facility Services.
  • Ensures correction and follow up for all items addressed in the Health and Safety Surveys. Maintains records for JACHO compliances.
  • Assist with record maintenance


  • Collaborates with the Purchasing Department to develop and maintain an inventory control system of all storage facilities. 
  • Conducts periodic inspections of  Center’s facilities
  • Conducts inspections of work assignments of facility maintenance personnel, contract labor repairs, and contract services (e.g., housekeeping, 
  • security). 
  • Reviews facility service contracts for compliance and advises CFO of related concerns.
  • Coordinates and oversees the upkeep and organization of Center’s storage facilities.
  • Schedules and conducts health and safety training for maintenance, housekeeping and security personnel.


  • Supervise and coordinates courier and/or van driver services for absents or reassignments.
  • Conducts periodic vehicle safety inspections.
  • Schedules vehicle maintenance and/or repair services
  • Schedules driver’s safety training.


  • Identifies Center’s security risks and proactively manages security risks by providing recommendations to management and implementing approved resolutions.
  • Ensures processes are in place to identify patients, staff and other people entering the facilities.
  • Coordinates the development, implementation and monitoring of the security management activities.
  • Conducts proactive risk assessments that evaluate the potential adverse impact of the external environment and the services provided on the security of
  • patients, staff, and other individual coming to the Center’s facilities.
  • Recommends for approval and implementation procedures and controls to achieve the lowest potential for adverse impact on security from risk 
  • assessments.
  • Reviews security service contracts for compliance and advises CFO of related concerns.



  • Ensure that the organization is aware of and complies with all relevant standards in relation to building maintenance, utility systems, generators, equipment and other environmental factors that affect the safety and security of patients and staff.
  • Assist and effectively manage the environmental safety of patients, staff and other visitors coming to the facilities and:
  • The security of patients, staff and visitors coming to the facilities.
  • Hazardous materials and waste
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Safety
  • The safe and reliable operation of utility systems.
  • Coordinates the ongoing, organization-wide collection of information about deficiencies and opportunities for improvement in the environment of care.
  • Coordinates the ongoing collection and dissemination of other sources of information, such as published hazard notices, or recall reports.
  • Coordinates the preparation of summaries of deficiencies , problems, failures and user errors related to managing the environment care
  • Coordinates the preparation of summaries of findings, recommendations, actions taken, and results of performance improvement (PI) activities.
  • Participates in hazard surveillance and incident reporting.
  • Participates in developing safety policies and procedures.
  • Provides ongoing monitoring of performance regarding actual or potential risk(s) in each of the environment of care management plans.
  • Evaluates, at least annually, the environment of care management plans.
  • Evaluates, at least annually, the objectives, scope, performance, and effectiveness of each of the environment of care management plans.
  • Ensures that the environmental safety monitoring and response activities are communicated to the patient safety program.



Education and Experience:  Graduate of a two year degree program in related field or an equivalent combination of relevant education and/or experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability: Ability to plan, organize and effectively present ideas and concepts to groups.  Ability to assimilate information from a variety of sources, analyzes information, and recommends courses of action to be taken.  Possess the ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

Certification, Licenses, Registrations:  


Other Qualifications: English as first language preferred.  Bilingual/bicultural will be considered.

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Education Level : Associate Degree

Experience Level : Mid to Senior Level

Job Function : Customer Service

How to Apply : hr@franklinprimary.org

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