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Outside Chief Legal LLC

Outside Chief Legal LLC




Some businesses cannot afford or do not have the desire to hire in-house attorneys or teams of attorneys to oversee their legal needs. Even those that are positioned to do so often require supplemental legal assistance from outside counsel.

Outside Chief Legal LLC (OCL) is the newest brand of partner operative. OCL provides preventive, solution-oriented legal services combined with business acumen aimed to support overall strategies and missions for companies not having legal counsel in either a GC or CLO format. These growing organizations are typically family-run businesses, limited liability companies, and smaller organizations that also seek c-suite legal protection combined with creative and pragmatic solutions to bottom-line challenges.

OCL provides outside legal counsel and litigation services tailored to your company's needs and goals. Whether serving your company on a single project or continuing basis, we will always serve you and your company as a strategic business partner. Doing much more than draft and review contracts or litigate disputes, we perform a multidimensional role that not only mitigates risk and manages legal insight, but also merges legal and business strategies, offers innovative business solutions, and, most of all, ensures legal efficiency and cost containment.

We leverage our experience in courtrooms and boardrooms to provide a full-service platform by serving as a vested partner and strategic advisor to protect against legal risks and promote company efficiency, procedures, and profits across all departments and divisions. OCL represents and supports a wide variety of clients ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to complex international corporations and across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations.


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